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Election Decision 'Will Tarnish' State High Court's Reputation: Letter

"[T]he impact of this seeming partisan bent calls into question the motivation of each vote in favor of it."

Georgia Republicans cancel election for state Supreme Court, meaning governor can appoint a Republican

The state of Georgia was supposed to hold an election Tuesday to fill a seat on the state Supreme Court. Justice Keith Blackwell, a Republican whose six-year term expires on the last day of this year, did not plan to run for reelection.

Georgia Supreme Court upholds canceled election to high court bench

The Georgia Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling Thursday denying a bid by two would-be candidates for a seat on the high court from landing a spot on the June 9 primary ballot.

Georgia High Court Rules Next Justice Will Be Appointed, Not Elected

At the end of February, Georgia Supreme Justice Keith Blackwell announced his resignation, triggering a legal challenge that pitted against each other the two methods Georgia uses to place justices on its highest court.

Beskin battling Bethel in Georgia Supreme Court justice election

Beth Beskin is challenging incumbent Georgia Supreme Court Justice Charlie Bethel in the June 9 nonpartisan primary election.

Not a virus, but still sickening — Supreme Good Ol’ Boy-itis

The uphill battle to get a fair, open election for a Georgia Supreme Court seat just got steeper.A Fulton County judge ruled this week that the Good Old Boys’ system that bypasses the voters is legal and kosher.

Attorney: Georgia followed law in canceling court election

An attorney said in court Friday that Georgia's top election official followed the law when he canceled a May election to the state Supreme Court to allow the governor to appoint a replacement for a sitting justice who won't leave office until November.

Judge Will Rule Monday on Bid to Force Election for Resigning Justice's Seat

Lawyers for two Georgia Supreme Court hopefuls said Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had no authority to cancel an election for the seat of Justice Keith Blackwell in order to let the governor choose his replacement.

Barrow, Beskin ask judge to revive election for Georgia Supreme Court

A Fulton County judge will take the weekend to decide whether an election should be held for a soon-to-be-vacant Georgia Supreme Court seat.

Kemp and company rigging judicial system? Objection, your honor!

Collusion? Absolute mockery of the electoral and judicial systems? You be the judge.

Former State Rep files suit to force Supreme Court Justice election

Former State Representative Beth Beskin says she is being forced to turn to the courts to have the opportunity to run for a Georgia Supreme Court seat.

The Jolt: A Georgia Supreme Court standoff unites two would-be rivals

In a few weeks, they could be bitter rivals. But at a somewhat awkward event under the Gold Dome, former U.S. Rep. John Barrow and ex-state Rep. Beth Beskin were allies.

Would-Be Candidate Challenges Secretary of State for Canceling Supreme Court Election

Freeman Mathis & Gary partner Beth Beskin is asking a judge to order the Georgia secretary of state to hold an election for the post that Justice Keith Blackwell announced last week he intends to vacate next November.

Barrow, Beskin blocked from seeking seat on Georgia’s top court

Two former lawmakers who sought to run for a Georgia Supreme Court seat were turned away this week, triggering a lawsuit against state election officials who blocked them from qualifying.

Beth Beskin For Supreme Court Justice
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